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Expose your business to 17 million Malaysians from across our Vodus Media Network that consists of online media platforms from Astro, Media Prima, The Star, Sin Chew and many more…

Our Unique Ecommerce Solution

Zero Upfront Cost

We provide end-to-end insights, marketing and ecommerce solutions at no cost.

Subsidized Products

We even subsidize your product at our own expense to make your product more attractive to consumers!

Insights for Merchants

Real-time online consumer purchase funnel using passive data
  • Brand awareness – Ad impressions
  • Brand consideration – Ad clicks
  • Purchase – Purchase history
  • Advocate – Net Promoter Score

Gain detailed profile of your consumers across their purchase funnel
  • Demographic info
  • Psychographic info

Online dashboard to visualize your consumer insights
  • Drag and Drop
  • Intuitive
  • Free

Understand how your target consumers are using your product
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Product usage frequency
  • Produce purchase influence
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