08 August 2022

Top Trending Products to Sell Online in Malaysia

The e-commerce industry in Malaysia recorded RM1.1 trillion in sales for the year 2021, an increase of 21.8% compared to 2020. With over 50% of the Malaysia population now choosing to shop online, there has never been a better time for retailers to tap into this growing market.

With shoppers in Malaysia now choosing online shopping to purchase such a wide range of products, identifying which are the best selling and most profitable is the biggest challenge for sellers.

In this article we take a closer look at our top 6 trending products for 2022. We have also included some tips and advice to help you along the way.

Face Masks

Since the Malaysian governments Covid-19 regulations and SOP’s were introduced in 2020, the sales of face masks has increased sharply. With many choosing to purchase online and in bulk for convenience and better savings. It’s important to remember that not all face masks offer the same level of protection and this is a key consideration for shoppers when choosing which brand to purchase. 

The big question for face mask sellers today is whether or not there will be a market for this product in the future, well based on what we are seeing on a global scale, we may never be fully free from such respiratory viruses in the near future, in which case there will always be some demand for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in the market.

Mobile Accessories

With over 17 Milion smartphone users in Malaysia its no wonder that accessories are one of the biggest selling product categories to date. With products such as powerbanks, cases, chargers, holders and protection glass always in high demand, there is a wide market for such products. 

As with all products in high demand there is no shortage of sellers and products in the market which makes pricing and delivery times crucial for sellers. Another important factor to consider is the constant flow of new smart phone devices into the market. If for example you are a seller of smart phone cases you would need to have a good eye on the market trends to understand which models are selling the most, which in turn will help you with your inventory and purchasing.


Shopping for groceries online has been a growing trend for the past decade. In the past this was seen a convenient option for parents with families or those who lived far away from supermarkets. Since the covid-19 pandemic began the trend of shopping online for groceries expanded into other consumer groups, moslty due to the movement restrictions in place over the past few years.

Another key factor in the this growing trend is that the younger generation of Malaysia consumers are now more critical about their time and how it is spent. For the sake of small delivery fee, shoppers today would rather shop online for their favourite snack then to search around in the stores for it.

For Sellers who are looking to sell groceries and food products online, we recommend looking at products which have a long shelf life and are may not be easy to find in the local grocery stores. Products such as Milo, noodles and condiments are popular with online shoppers in Malaysia.

Baby products

The demand for baby products online has always been great with parents choosing to purchase online due to both the savings and saving the hassle of visiting the shops. Consumers for baby products are also most likely to make regular purchases as they tend to stick to the same brands throughout the early years of their childrens growth. This makes baby products a great market for sellers in Malaysia.

Diapers, pacifiers and milk formulas are all popular products sold in this category and are expected to grow even more as the population rises and more shoppers choose shop online


Demand for sports and fitness equipment and supplements has seen a massive increase over the past few years. With more and more people now choosing to work out at home to save costs. Another key factor is the difference in price with Fitness stores in malls selling premium products at a high price, its as expected that Malaysians would turn to non branded products which are available to buy online.

Products such as protein supplements, yoga mats, gymwear are all high selling products online with many shoppers choosing to wait for Flash sales to snap up the best deals.


As well as being one of the most popular categories of products sold online, fashion is also one of the most competitive. With muslimwear and ladies accessories being the most popular types of products sold here in Malaysia. 

For those new to selling online our best advice when starting out is to focus on fashion products which are not seasonal or trending. If you consider that most fast fashion trends only last between 6 – 12 months the last thing you want is to be stuck with products which there is no longer any demand for.

Price is the key consideration for shoppers when purchasing fashion products online. Unlike products such as electronics and health & beauty where consumers often look for quality and authenticity before purchasing.  If your target audience is younger shoppers consider adjusting your pricing around the end of the month (Pay Day) to give your sales a boost.

Selling products online has never been easier and with as the e-commerce sector continues to grow more and more businesses are taking steps to sell products online.

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