27 September 2022

Best Practices for Your Vodus Product Listing Images

A successful product listing on vodus requires effort and optimisation in a variety of areas. A well-written product title, use of keywords and good quality imager, all are important to make your listing stand out and attract shoppers to your product listings. For more information on how to create the best product listing see our guide How to Create The Best Product Listing on Vodus

In this guide, we take a closer look at the things you can do as a seller to ensure the images in your product listing are optimised as best as possible.

Include a Good Selection of images

Each product listing requires at least 1 main image of the product. We recommend choosing an image which showcases the product from the best angle possible. To showcase the product features and other angles we recommend adding a selection of up to 5 images which will give those viewing your product listing a better understanding of the product and any key features you wish to highlight.

For your main product image, we always recommend using a plain background, ideally in white which will make your product stand out more on the screen. Try to avoid using images which contain text or watermarks as these can distract away from the product and make the image look cluttered.

Include Lifestyle Imagery

To help your customers visualise your product in use, try to include images which show your product in the setting it belongs, for example, An image of a bag being worn will help to give a better understanding of the size and styling of the bag.

For products which have specific features or ingredients, you can always utilise one of your supporting images to showcase this information.

As much as we recommend being creative in this area, do try to keep your images consistent in colours and backgrounds which will make more product listings more attractive to shoppers.

Pay Attention to Image Quality

If you are selling products which you have purchased through a manufacturer or distributor, you can often save yourself a lot of time by contacting your supplier and requesting high-resolution product images. 

For Vodus Merchant sellers who are manufacturing their own products, you will need to spend some time creating a good selection of high-quality product images to add to your listing.

Depending on your budget you may choose to hire a professional photographer to complete this task. If you are planning to take your own photos here are some areas you should take note of before you start:

  1. Camera Quality
  2. Space to take Photos
  3. Lighting
  4. Access to editing software/tools

Focus on the Details

Before adding your images familiarise yourself with the key details or selling points for each product. Having images of the key features or an image highlighting key benefits will greatly add to the quality of your product listing. Consider using graphics on your image to add text and highlight key details such as product dimensions and features. 

You may also want to take a photo of the product and packaging so the shoppers can see how the product will be delivered to them.

If your product contains additional items such as cables, CDs or manuals you can also include these in one of the product images which will give shoppers more peace of mind when purchasing your product.

When taking product images we recommend that you try to show as much of the product in the image as possible without cutting off the details. 

We recommend aiming for 85% of your photo to contain your product and 15% of empty space.  This will make it easier for shoppers to view your product images and also ensure the image is not too cluttered.

Improving your product image quality will increase your chances of converting viewers into customers on the Vodus Platform. While the process itself can be very time-consuming, it pays to spend the time optimising your product images.

For sellers who do not have the time or skills to achieve the best quality, you can always consider hiring a professional photographer.

For more guides and learning resources to help you in your journey as a Vodus Seller visit https://merchant.vodus.my/resources