06 August 2022

How to Create The Best Product Listing on Vodus

As a Vodus Merchant, the chances are you have wondered how your products rank against other products in the same category. As well as avoiding common mistakes in your product listings there are also some tips your can follow to help you optimise your product listings and get your products seen by more shoppers.

Product Name

With up to 150 characters available for your product title, utilising this space is key in letting potential customers know what your product is and also any key information which they may be included in their search. For example, If you are selling “Bluetooth headphones” additional keywords in the product title such as “Waterproof” or “Lightweight” will make your product list more relevant and attractive to shoppers who are searching for such products.

We recommend starting your Product Listing title with the brand name of your product as this is often the most important information required by shoppers.

Product Description

Listing a product description which is too short is probably the most common mistake sellers make with their product listings. We recommend taking your time to introduce your product as well as any benefits or important information which shoppers should know about.  For example, if you are selling food items, you can always give suggestions on recipes or how your food can be consumed. This is a great way to inspire those reading your product listing as well as show that you know your product inside out.

If you are selling products such as electronics or toys it is also very helpful to list the contents which will be in the box.

For example: 

Sony Smart Television 

Included in box:

  • Television Set
  • Remote Control
  • Power Cable
  • Instruction manual

This can be very helpful for shoppers and also avoid any complaints or disputes in the future if the product sold does not meet your customers expectations.

Competitive Pricing

With many Malaysians choosing to shop online as a way of comparing pricing and finding the best discounts, listing your products with competitive pricing is a major factor in the success of your product sales. We always recommend doing your research first to understand the average selling price for your product or similar products available online.

When comparing your product pricing with other sellers always look out for key extras such as “Warranty period” or  “Official Supplier” as shoppers are more inclined to trust such listings, especially for products such as Electronics where the shoppers in many cases will want the peace of mind of having a long warranty period should anything go wrong with the product.

Product Images

Every product listing needs at least one image. Adding a selection of good-quality images to your product listings will help showcase the key features and help shoppers compare the product from different angles. Images should have a white background where ever possible and the product should take up at least 85% of the image space.

Avoid using drawings and low-resolution images as this can leave shoppers confused over what the purchased product will look like when delivered.

For merchant selling products such as clothing and footwear we recommend adding an image containing the size guide which will help shoppers to determine which size is right for them.

Key Features

Listing your product’s key features is a great way to add keywords which shoppers are using in their searches. We recommend using bullet points to list your key features which will make them stand out and easy to read.

Begin each bullet point with a capital letter and focus on information customers will consider when purchasing, such as dimensions, country of origin, the skill level required etc

We recommend keeping your key features to a maximum of 5 bullet points and focusing only on the key information.

Here are some examples of well-written key features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable suitable for any season
  • Available in Blue, Green and Black colours
  • Fully adjustable hood and buttoned cuffs provide waterproof from rainy weather
  • Includes 2 x AAA batteries 
  • Compatible with Android and IOS


Before you even start adding your product listing we recommend you to research the best keywords for your product. Optimising your product listing to include the most relevant keywords will increase the number of times your product listing appears in shoppers searches.

In many cases you should also consider the longtail and shorttail search terms used by shoppers. For example:

A shopper searching on Vodus for a t shirt may search using:

Shorttail Keyword – Cotton t-Shirt

Longtail Keyword – 100% Cotton Plain t-Shirt 

Including both key search terms in your product listing description, title and key features will help your product listing to appear in more search results and in turn increase the number of times your product is viewed by shoppers.

If you are new to Vodus and have not yet registered your business check out our handy guide How to Sell on Vodus