05 September 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Selling on Vodus

For businesses looking for more opportunities to sell their products online, a wide variety of options are available to you. While in the past businesses often focused on selling through their own website, factors such as high set-up and maintenance costs have led to more businesses choosing to sell on shopping platforms. 

 In this article, we look closer at the key benefits of selling your products on Vodus and how these can assist your business.

Low Costs

Initial set-up costs are often a key factor in delaying the decision of business owners to start selling online. Since the emergence of popular online shopping platforms such as Vodus, businesses in Malaysia no longer need investment to get started selling online. 

With Free Registration and Zero setup costs, Vodus Merchant Sellers are able to list their business and products for free.

A low transaction fee of 3.00% is charged on each transaction through the Vodus shopping platform. This means as a merchant seller you only pay a transaction fee on products which are sold on Vodus.

As well as zero registration and monthly costs, Vodus also has a zero-term commitment. This means there are no obligations for you as a merchant to achieve a minimum number of sales or revenue. This makes the Vodus shopping platform ideal for new businesses and startups with a limited budget for launching their products into the market.

Fast & Easy to Set up Maintain

Registering as a Vodus Merchant seller is fast and simple thanks to our streamlined registration forms and easy-to-navigate Merchant dashboard. The registration process itself takes an average of 15 minutes and each registration is reviewed and approved the same day. 

For more information on the registration process see our Beginners Guide on How to Sell on Vodus

Once registered as a Vodus Merchant you will have access to your Merchant Dashboard where you can start adding Product Listings as well as viewing and updating the status of your incoming sales.

As you become more experienced in selling on vodus and navigating the merchant platform you may want to start optimising your product listings or updating the images to make them stand out more.  For those who are unsure about how their product listings can be optimised, our merchant support team is always on hand to give you some inspiration.

Reach Millions of Customers

Attracting customers to your store is the biggest challenge for all retail businesses. With the online shopping sector becoming more and more competitive brands are now forced to invest heavily in advertising spend and marketing campaigns. 
By selling your product on Vodus, merchant sellers are able to showcase their products to thousands of online shoppers in Malaysia who visit our website each day. As well as this our One-question Media Tracking Online Survey (OMTOS) method gives us the ability to showcase products to over 17 Million Malaysians through our network of Media Partners.

Subsidised Discounts

As the first online shopping platform in Malaysia that allows shoppers the opportunity to earn reward points by answering simple survey questions, the process of earning and spending on Vodus is very unique.

So how does this benefit Vodus merchant sellers? Well, shoppers at Vodus have the option to redeem their VPoints in exchange for discounts on products sold on Vodus. 

Well, as part of our goal of offering the best discounts and most competitive pricing in Malaysia, Vodus allows shoppers to redeem their VPoints for products sold on our shopping platform. With 1 Point equal to 1% Discount this is a great savings tool for shoppers.

All VPoints redeemed by our shoppers are subsided by Vodus which means as a Merchant seller you still receive the full amount for your product sales.

As well as our 1 for 1 VPoints redemption we also have exclusive Promotions such as doublevpointswednesday which gives shoppers double the amount of discount on their VPoints for products purchased on a Wednesday.

Access to Valuable Consumer Insights

Our accurate and real-time insights provide merchants with a detailed profile of the consumers who purchase their products including demographic information and consumer behaviour.

By understanding your market audience you can optimise your product range and listings to make them more appealing and targeted to specific shoppers and their requirements when shopping online.

For more information on how Vodus can support the growth of your business email to contact@vodus.com